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  Agency news

04/27/2015   37th OESC Semi-annual Spring Job Fair Set for May 1 in Oklahoma City
03/24/2015   Laid-off Wilco Machine & Fab Workers Approved for Trade Benefits
03/16/2015   Gov. Fallin to Host First in a Series of Job, Resource Fairs Planned Across Oklahoma  (redirects to Governor Fallin's website)
02/26/2015   STEP Ahead Awards Recognize State Agency Chair for Her Work in Manufacturing
11/19/2014   OESC Appeals Tribunal Focused on Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence
11/06/2014   Former Workers at Air Systems Components, Inc. in Ponca City Cleared for Trade Benefits
10/16/2014   36th OESC Semi-annual Fall Job Fair Set for October 17 in Oklahoma City
08/06/2014   Savings on the Way for Oklahoma Employers in 2015
04/30/2014   Ex-workers of Hyspan Precision Products in Tulsa Approved for Trade Benefits
03/05/2014   Oklahoma Worker Benefits Survey Now Underway
02/05/2014   Trade Benefits Granted to Laid-off Workers of Cameron International Corporation
12/05/2013   Laid-off Honeywell Workers in Tulsa Approved for Trade Benefits
08/29/2013   Former Halliburton Workers Meet Requirements for Trade Benefits
08/14/2013   Savings on the Way for Oklahoma Employers as Unemployment Trust Fund Hits Record High
08/05/2013   Oklahoma Collects Millions in Wage Levy Program
07/24/2013   Disaster Unemployment Aid Deadline Approaching for Workers in Okfuskee, Okmulgee and LeFlore Counties
07/05/2013   Deadline Approaching Fast for Canadian County Workers to Apply for Disaster Unemployment Aid
07/01/2013   Disaster Unemployment Aid Expanded to Include Workers in Okfuskee, Okmulgee and LeFlore Counties
06/12/2013   Time Running Out for Workers in Cleveland, Lincoln, McClain, Oklahoma and Pottawatomie Counties to Apply for Disaster Unemployment Aid
06/12/2013   Disaster Aid Extended to Workers in Canadian County
06/12/2013   Trade Benefits Approved for Laid-off Workers of DMI Industries in Tulsa
05/22/2013   Disaster Unemployment Aid Available in Cleveland, Lincoln, McClain, Oklahoma and Pottawatomie Counties
05/10/2013   Trade Readjustment Assistance (TRA) Approved for Former Workers at Chromalloy Gas
04/03/2013   Laid-off Workers from OAI Electronics in Tulsa Cleared for Trade Readjustment Assistance (TRA)
03/15/2013   Cuts in Federal Extended Unemployment Benefits Coming Due to Sequestration
02/27/2013   Trade Benefits Offered to Ex-workers of Interstate Brands Corporation (IBC)
02/27/2013   Despite Sequestration, Oklahoma Employment Security Commission to Continue Serving Oklahomans
02/07/2013   Laid-off Workers of West Business Solutions in Tulsa Approved for Trade Benefits

  Employment & unemployment

         Schedule for 2015 employment news releases   


04/21/2015   March 2015 - State Unemployment Rate Unchanged for Month
03/27/2015   February 2015 - State Unemployment Rate Holds Steady at 3.9 Percent
03/17/2015   January 2015 - Oklahoma Unemployment Rate Opens Year at 3.9 Percent
01/27/2015   December 2014 - December’s Statewide Unemployment Rate Lowest of the Year for Oklahoma
12/19/2014   November 2014 - State Unemployment Rate Drops in November
11/21/2014   October 2014 - Oklahoma Unemployment Rate Declines to 4.5 Percent
10/21/2014   September 2014 - State Unemployment Rate Unchanged in September
09/19/2014   August 2014 - Oklahoma Sees Small Unemployment Rate Increase in August
08/18/2014   July 2014 - Statewide Unemployment Rate Up Slightly in July
07/18/2014   June 2014 - Oklahoma Unemployment Rate Down to 4.5 Percent in June
06/20/2014   May 2014 - State Unemployment Rate Remains at 4.6 Percent in May
05/16/2014   April 2014 - Oklahoma’s Unemployment Rate Down Again in April
04/18/2014   March 2014 - Statewide Unemployment Rate Hits Five-year Low in March
03/28/2014   February 2014 - Oklahoma Unemployment Rate Drops to 5.0 Percent in February
03/17/2014   January 2014 - State Unemployment Rate Opens Year at 5.2 Percent
01/28/2014   December 2013 - State Unemployment Rate Unchanged in December
12/20/2013   November 2013 - Oklahoma Unemployment Rate Down for Month in November
11/22/2013   October 2013 - Statewide Unemployment Rate Creeps Up in October
10/22/2013   September 2013 - data release cancelled due to federal government shutdown
09/20/2013   August 2013 - No Change in Statewide Unemployment Rate for August
08/19/2013   July 2013 - State Unemployment Rate Ticks Up in July
07/19/2013   June 2013 - Oklahoma Unemployment Rate Rises in June
06/21/2013   May 2013 - State Unemployment Rate Up over Month
05/17/2013   April 2013 - Oklahoma’s Unemployment Rate Down in April
04/19/2013   March 2013 - Statewide Unemployment Rate Unchanged in March
03/29/2013   February 2013 - Oklahoma Unemployment Rate Improves in February As State Adds Jobs
03/18/2013   January 2013 - Oklahoma Unemployment Rate Steady in January

       Counties & metro areas

04/29/2015   March 2015 - County Jobless Rates Down Across the State in March
04/08/2015   February 2015 - Unemployment Rates Improve for Many Counties in February
03/20/2015   January 2015 - County Unemployment Rates Up in January
02/04/2015   December 2014 - Unemployment Rates Down Over the Year for Nearly All Oklahoma Counties in December
12/30/2014   November 2014 - Unemployment Rates Down or Steady in Over Half of Oklahoma Counties for November
12/09/2014   October 2014 - County Unemployment Rates Decline in October
10/29/2014   September 2014 - Most County Unemployment Rates Down in September
10/01/2014   August 2014 - Unemployment Rates Down for Most Oklahoma Counties in August
08/27/2014   July 2014 - Unemployment Rates Drop for More Than Two-thirds of Oklahoma Counties in July
07/30/2014   June 2014 - Unemployment Rates Up for Most Oklahoma Counties in June
07/01/2014   May 2014 - County Unemployment Rates Increase Across State Over the Month
05/28/2014   April 2014 - All County Unemployment Rates Down in April
04/29/2014   March 2014 - Unemployment Rates for Most Counties Drop in March
04/09/2014   February 2014 - Latimer County Claims State’s Highest County Unemployment Rate in February
03/21/2014   January 2014 - Most Counties Report Slight Change in Unemployment Rate for January
02/05/2014   December 2013 - Many County Unemployment Rates Up Slightly in December
01/07/2014   November 2013 - November Unemployment Rates Down in Almost All Oklahoma Counties
12/05/2013   October 2013 - Many County Unemployment Rates Up in October
10/30/2013   September 2013 - data release cancelled due to federal government shutdown
10/17/2013   August 2013 - August Unemployment Rates Drop in Majority of Oklahoma Counties
08/28/2013   July 2013 - July Unemployment Rates Down for Almost All Oklahoma Counties
07/30/2013   June 2013 - County Unemployment Rates Rise in June
07/02/2013   May 2013 - Unemployment Rates Up Across All Oklahoma Counties in May
05/29/2013   April 2013 - All County Unemployment Rates Improve in April
05/01/2013   March 2013 - Unemployment Rates Down in Most Oklahoma Counties for March
04/10/2013   February 2013 - LeFlore County’s Unemployment Rate Tops State in February
03/22/2013   January 2013 - Latimer, McCurtain Counties Share Highest County Unemployment Rate to Open 2013


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