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 safety tip

Never sit on, lean against, or step on a skylight or any covering placed over a hole in a roof or floor. The material many not support your weight. Get more lift and carry safety tips.

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 Safety Pays

Keep Federal OSHA Out!

Safety Pays® OSHA Consultation Division

  • Lower Workers' Comp Costs Through Workplace Safety! The Safety Pays® Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Consultation Division provides free, confidential, voluntary, non-punitive and guaranteed safety and health consultation services to private sector employers in Oklahoma.

    Funded partially through a federal OSHA grant, the state OSHA Consultation Service is geared toward employers with fewer than 250 employees at one site or no more than 500 employees corporate-wide.

    Employers must request this service and invite the Consultation program into their workplace.  If you follow the key components of the program, we
    GUARANTEE  you'll lower your workers' compensation costs - possibly as high as 95 percent.
  • DOWNLOAD the "Safety Pays®Real Results" list of Oklahoma companies that are taking control of high workers' compensation costs by utilizing this excellent service.
  • BRAG ABOUT YOUR COMPANY by telling about your workplace safety success story!  Download the form in either Word or PDF format.

Consultation Services

Workplace Posters Link

Consultation FAQ

Sample Programs

  1. What does the service cost?
  2. What is the service all about?
  3. Must all identified hazards be fixed?
  4. Will any results be given to Federal OSHA?
  5.  >> more OSHA FAQ

Employee Retention

WCPR Program

A major winter storm can be lethal. Preparing for cold weather conditions and responding to them effectively can reduce the dangers caused by winter storms. Below are links to fact sheets relating to several dangers associated responding to winter storms.