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Agriculture Cleaning and Disinfecting Unit

Agricultural Component of Regional Response System Unveiled

June 20, 2007

Oklahoma City – Containing contagious animal diseases is more effective now that six Agriculture Cleaning and Disinfecting Units are available to respond across the state of Oklahoma. The Cleaning and Disinfecting Units are the most recent addition to the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security’s (OKOHS) multi-million dollar Regional Response System and were developed at the request of and guidance from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.  more

State to Test Response to Agriculture Disaster in Panhandle


Oklahoma City – The Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security (OKOHS) is coordinating an exercise in the Panhandle area to practice the local, state and federal response to a Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) outbreak.

Exercising the response to an agricultural disaster is critically important for Oklahoma, as the state ranks in the top 10 nationally in a number of commodities, including: second in winter wheat, fifth in cattle, fifth in pecans, seventh in peanuts, eighth in hogs and tenth in chicken (broiler) production. This FAD outbreak exercise is a proactive endeavor for the state, particularly for the Panhandle where a majority of the cattle and hog industry is located.  more