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The Hiring of Firefighters Activity involves a five-year grant to assist fire departments pay a portion of the salaries of newly hired firefighters. These newly hired positions must be in addition to authorized and funded active firefighter positions. Grantees must do everything in their power to maintain the number of authorized and funded positions as declared at the time of application PLUS the awarded new firefighter positions throughout the period of performance (five years). Grantees that fail to maintain this level of staffing risk losing all or a portion of their grant. Volunteer, combination, and non-profit career fire departments are all eligible to apply for assistance in hiring new firefighters. These grants require the awardee to match an increasing proportion of the salary over a four-year period; in the fifth year of the grant, the awardee must absorb the entire cost of any positions awarded as a result of the grant.

The Recruitment and Retention of Volunteer Firefighters Activity provides assistance to awardees for periods of up to four years. The purpose of these grants is to assist with the recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters. Volunteer departments, combination departments and local or statewide organizations that represent the interests of volunteer firefighters are eligible to apply for assistance under this activity.


Application Information

Applications for SAFER grants will be accepted beginning May 31, 2005, to June 28, 2005. Completed applications must be submitted electronically or otherwise received by the grants program office on or before the close of business (5 p.m. EDT) on the last day of the application period, June 28, 2005. No late, incomplete, or faxed applications will be accepted. No electronically submitted applications other than those submitted online via the automated grant application system will be accepted.

If you do not have access to the Internet, contact us directly (1-866-274-0960) to request a paper copy of the application via mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of SAFER?
A: The SAFER Grant Program was created to provide funding directly to fire departments and volunteer firefighter interest organizations to help increase the number of firefighters.

Q: Who is eligible for SAFER funding?
A: Your type of organization affects your eligibility for funding. All volunteer and combination fire departments may apply for either or both of the two grant program activities.

Q: When can I apply?
A: From 8 a.m. (EDT), May 31, 2005, until 5 p.m. (EDT) on June 28, 2005.

Q: When is the grant application due?
A: The application deadline is June 28, 2005. Applications must be received by 5 p.m. EDT. Applications received after the close of the application period will not be accepted.

Q: May I submit more than one grant application?
A: You may submit only one funding application to SAFER. If an applicant is found to have submitted more than one application for SAFER funding, all of its applications will be deemed ineligible.

Interesting Facts

  • While the SAFER grants and the Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) are administered by the same office in the Department of Homeland Security, there are no restrictions with respect to awards between the two funding sources.

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