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NIMS Alert from The NIMS Integration Center (NIC)


IS-700 The NIMS Introductory Course

In September 2004, the Secretary of Homeland Security sent a letter to the nation's governors outlining a series of steps that must be taken and actions that should be taken in FY 2005 to be compliant with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  Specifically the letter stated that state, territorial, tribal and local jurisdictions should support NIMS implementation by completing the NIMS awareness course National Incident Management System, An Introduction ? IS-700. This independent study course explains the purpose, principles, key components and benefits of NIMS. The Secretary clearly intended to provide discretion to state, territorial, tribal and local governments in deciding who should take the course.

As further guidance, the NIMS Integration Center (NIC) encourages all emergency personnel with a direct role in emergency preparedness, incident management or response to take the NIMS course by October 1, 2005. It is offered at no charge through the Emergency Management Institute at


Who should take the course in FY'05?

Executive Level - Political and government leaders, agency and organization administrators and department heads; personnel that fill ICS roles as Unified Commanders, Incident Commanders, Command Staff, General Staff in either Area Command or single incidents; senior level Multi-Agency Coordination System personnel; senior emergency managers; and Emergency Operations Center Command or General Staff.

Managerial Level - Agency and organization management between the executive level and first level supervision; personnel who fill ICS roles as Branch Directors, Division/Group Supervisors, Unit Leaders, technical specialists, strike team and task force leaders, single resource leaders and field supervisors; midlevel Multi-Agency Coordination System personnel; EOC Section Chiefs, Branch Directors, Unit Leaders; and other emergency management/response personnel who require a higher level of ICS/NIMS Training.

Responder Level - Emergency response providers and disaster workers, entry level to managerial level (including Emergency Medical Service personnel; firefighters; medical personnel; police officers; public health personnel; public works/utility personnel; and other emergency management response personnel).

The NIMS introductory course very likely will be required in FY'06 for state, territorial, tribal and local personnel who have emergency assignments at any level of government. Full NIMS compliance is required October 1, 2006.

NOTE:  We recognize that some online independent study participants are experiencing delays in gaining access to the IS-700 course. The Emergency Management Institute is addressing this and the problem will be alleviated.


Agencies that need or want to teach the IS-700 NIMS Course in the Classroom Setting

IS-700 course materials may be downloaded and used in a group or classroom setting. To obtain the IS-700 course materials or take the course online go to Answer sheets may be obtained from the Emergency Management Institute by calling the EMI Independent Study Office at 301-447-1256 or contacting OKOHS at 404-425-7296.  Upon the completion of the course, answer sheets are mailed to EMI to be entered into the training database after which completion certificates are mailed to the students. To successfully facilitate this course you should be experienced in ICS and/or EOC operations and successfully complete the web-based version of this course (IS-700) and the Basic ICS for Federal Responders (IS-100).

OKOHS National Incident Management System (NIMS) Implementation Strategy

OKOHS is in the process of forming a State NIMS Implementation Consortium comprised of state agencies and other organizations to develop an implementation plan and timeline that will include all requirements needed for the implementation and institutionalization of the NIMS within the state of Oklahoma.

Continue to monitor the OKOHS web site for additional details regarding the state implementation of NIMS.

Questions concerning the National Incident Management System, contact Gary Davis, OKOHS Training and Exercise Coordinator at 405-425-7512.

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