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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security today announced $91.3 million in grant funding to protect and secure areas surrounding critical infrastructure and key resource sites such as chemical facilities, dams, and nuclear plants across the country. The Buffer Zone Protection Program (BZPP) provides targeted funding through states to local jurisdictions to purchase equipment that will extend the zone of protection beyond the gates of these critical facilities.

?This grant program reflects our commitment to continue to protect and defend the security of the United States against the threat posed by terrorism,? said Matt A. Mayer, Acting Executive Director of the Office of State and Local Government Coordination and Preparedness, the office responsible for the Office for Domestic Preparedness. ?Through this program, we will continue to work with the nation?s prevention, preparedness, and response community and the private sector in our national effort to combat terrorism and secure our homeland.?

Under the new grant program, states will be expected to submit Buffer Zone Plans (BZPs) and equipment purchasing plans to the Department by the end of April 2005, allowing the Department?s Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP) to perform a financial and programmatic review while the Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection (IAIP) directorate performs a technical review and final approval of the plan. Following approval of the plans, local jurisdictions may use their approved funding to purchase any equipment found on ODP?s Approved Equipment List and identified in their purchasing plan.  

?The Department uses an integrated approach that provides federal, state and local officials and first responders with the necessary tools and resources to protect their community assets,? said Gen. Patrick Hughes, Acting Under Secretary for Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection. ?IAIP provides expert advice and guidance to their state and local partners as they prioritize specific vulnerability reduction efforts.?

The Buffer Zone Protection Program provides both funding and coordination in bringing federal, state and local levels of government, law enforcement and the private sector together to create Buffer Zone Plans to reduce vulnerabilities in areas surrounding critical infrastructure and key resources.

FY05 Buffer Zone Protection Program Allocations

State/Territory Available BZPP Grant Funds
Alabama $1,400,000
Alaska $550,000
Arizona $1,600,000
Arkansas $700,000
California $12,950,000
Colorado $1,450,000
Connecticut $850,000
Delaware $400,000
District of Columbia $1,200,000
Florida $4,850,000
Georgia $2,322,633
Hawaii $250,000
Idaho $300,000
Illinois $4,348,120
Indiana $1,450,000
Iowa $520,612
Kansas $1,000,000
Kentucky $1,830,109
Louisiana $2,510,779
Maine $204,111
Maryland $3,200,000
Massachusetts $1,050,000
Michigan $1,744,636
Minnesota $1,399,085
Mississippi $600,000
Missouri $2,447,211
Montana $300,000
Nebraska $600,000
Nevada $950,000
New Hampshire $500,000
New Jersey $2,731,219
New Mexico $400,000
New York $5,780,755
North Carolina $2,150,000
North Dakota $300,000
Northern Marianas $50,000
Puerto Rico $250,000
Ohio $3,251,609
Oklahoma $1,100,000
Oregon $651,981
Pennsylvania $2,900,000
Rhode Island $450,000
South Carolina $1,100,000
South Dakota $150,000
Tennessee $2,700,000
Texas $6,550,000
Utah $1,031,659
Vermont $350,000
Virgin Islands $200,000
Virginia $2,088,648
Washington $2,350,000
West Virginia $200,000
Wisconsin $1,052,606
Wyoming $50,000