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Oklahoma City --- Today Governor Brad Henry announced the awarding of additional federal funds for homeland security efforts in Oklahoma. More than $32 million in funds will go to Oklahoma for homeland security initiatives.

?As we approach the ninth anniversary of the Murrah Building bombing, homeland security remains a top priority for the state,? said Governor Henry. ?These funds will help us to address many priorities in our anti-terrorism efforts.?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security awards the funds as part of the FY 2004 State Homeland Security Grant Program. The $32 million will help address three critical areas: Citizens Corps Programs, State Homeland Security Program and Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention. The funds will be spent over a two-year period.

?We will use this money to address one of the most pressing challenges facing responders of all disciplines ? the lack of an inter-operable communications system,? said Governor Henry. ?These funds will also help us take an important first step toward the coordination of information sharing in the responder community. We will also be able to enhance prevention strategies such as protection of critical infrastructure.?

?While we recognize these funds will not fix all problems which our responder community is facing, they will form the foundation to address some of our most pressing concerns,? said Oklahoma Homeland Security Director Major Kerry Pettingill. ?We look forward to working with responders of all disciplines in these essential initiatives.?

Toward the end of April, agencies around the state will be able to access applications from the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security (OKOHS) by visiting the OKOHS website at or by calling 405-425-7296.

?Through the use of these and other funds we are able to assist our responder community in providing the best protection possible for Oklahoma?s citizens,? said Pettingill