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Today, the President has signed the FY '03 Supplemental Bill authorizing an additional $6.71 billion for the Department of Homeland Security to support Departmental functions and domestic counterterrorism operations that have been activated as a part of Operation Liberty Shield at the start of the war in Iraq.  The Department was allocated $4.31 billion to offset the costs of Operation Liberty Shield and an additional $2.4 billion was made available to the airline industry to help with costs associated with enhancing the capabilities of the airline industry to combat terrorism.  As we make progress in establishing the appropriate mechanisms to fund homeland security needs around the country, we welcome Congress' cooperation in ensuring the Department has the necessary flexibility to direct funds so that we can further this important mission.


U.S. Coast Guard - $628 million

  • Up to $628 million has been made available to the U.S. Coast Guard to support military activities in connections with operations in and around Iraq and the global war on terrorism, specifically, Operation Liberty Shield.  
  • Since the start of the war, the U.S. Coast Guard has increased patrols at major U.S. ports and waterways, increased escorts of ferries and cruise ships, and been involved with the arrival and departure of every high interest vessel within and around American ports.  


Counterterrorism Fund  - $150 million

  • $150 million has been made available to the Department of Homeland Security to support expanded responsibilities of the Department to prevent, counter, investigate and respond to acts of terrorism.  


Bureau of Customs and Border Protection  - $333 million

  • $333 million has been made available to BCBP to further enhance the security of our nation's borders and maritime ports of entry.  Of this amount, $35 million is designated for the Container Security Initiative and $90 million has been designated for portal radiation detection and monitoring technology.  


Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement  - $170 million

  • $170 million has been made available for additional personnel at our country's borders and maritime ports of entry, to enhance the ability of BICE to develop the Entry-Exit system across our borders and for other necessary expenses related to Operation Liberty Shield.  


Transportation Security Administration - $665 million

  • $665 million has been made available to the TSA for modification of commercial airports for security enhancements, additional port security grants and for passenger screening, hiring, training and related costs.  
  • $20 million of those funds are designated for trucking industry grants to fund the nation-wide trucking security and safety initiative.
  • $30 million will be used for Operation Safe Commerce to further enhance Maritime and Land Security.  


Airline Support  - $2.4 billion

  • $2.4 billion is being provided under Title IV of the bill for costs affiliated with the enhancement of security of airliners and the ability of the airline companies to protect and combat terrorism.  
  • $100 million will be available to compensate airline companies for the costs associated with the strengthening of flight deck doors as required by the Aviation and Transportation Security Act.  
  • The remaining amount shall be distributed to U.S. airline companies proportional to the share each carrier has paid or collected in passenger security fees and air carrier security fees.


Office for Domestic Preparedness - $2.23 billion

  • $2.23 billion will be provided to be used for state domestic preparedness plans.
  • $1.3 billion is provided through a formula based grant program for state domestic preparedness efforts.  Through the ODP grant program, 80 percent of the grant funding will be designated for localities, and 20 percent designated for the states to help assist first responders.
  • $200 million is provided for critical infrastructure formula-based grants   for the states to protect their critical sites.  
  • $700 million is provided in grants for high-threat urban areas to be designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security.  
  • $30 million is provided for direct technical assistance to the States to further enhance their abilities to combat terrorism.  


Emergency Preparedness and Response - $99.75 million

  • $99.75 million is provided including; $45 million for operating expenses, and $54.75 million for Emergency Management Planning and Assistance account for interoperable communications.  


In addition:

  • $3 million was provided to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services,
  • $30 million was provided to the U.S. Secret Service, and
  • $2 million was provided for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to provide assistance with costs related to Operation Liberty Shield.