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 Sanitarian and Environmental Specialist Applications

Original applications and renewals must be mailed or hand-delivered to our office with payment.  Please do NOT fax or email applications or renewals to our office, as payment must be received with paperwork before it can be processed.  Faxing or emailing paperwork without payment will not expedite the processing time.

A Note for Reciprocal Registration Applicants

Oklahoma will issue a a full RPS and/or RPES registration to out-of-state individuals who meet the following requirements:

  1. Make application on the "Initial" application above.
  2. Make payment to Oklahoma State Department of Health/OSDH of $25.00 per registration (RPS and/or RPES).
  3. Hold a current out-of-state equivalent registration which was issued under equivalent or greater qualifications than Oklahoma's.
  4. The state/entity issuing the registration must be willing to issue an equivalent registration to an Oklahoma registrant.

In addition, the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) offers a national registration which can be used to also obtain registration in Oklahoma.  Details are available through the official NEHA website.

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