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Home Health Advisory Board

This Board is mandated by statute (Title 63 O.S., Section 1-1970) to serve as an advisory body to the Department. �The Board consists of seven members who are appointed by the Commissioner of Health from a list of names (equal to twice the number of positions to be appointed) submitted by any statewide organization comprised exclusively of home care agencies. One member must be a licensed family practice physician or licensed general practitioner of the medical profession with a practice which includes home health services; one member must be a licensed registered nurse with a practice which includes home health services; two members must be administrators of licensed home health agencies; and three members who represent the
general public and who must, within twenty-four months of their appointment, be consumers of home health services for themselves or for family members within the third degree of consanguinity.

Members are appointed for a three year term.  The Board must meet at least quarterly and at such other times as necessary. �Four members of the Board constitute a quorum.

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