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EMT Renewal Options

There are two options for renewing an Oklahoma EMT license:  

OPTION 1, Nationally Registered EMS Personnel:  

Applicants currently registered with National EMT Registry choose Option 1.
"Option 1 2015 EMS Renewal Application”


OPTION 2, EMS Personnel without National Registration:

Applicants who are currently not registered with National EMT Registry may continue to renew their Oklahoma EMS Personnel license if:

1. They have been licensed in Oklahoma before April 1, 2010.
2. They have maintained their Oklahoma EMS license since April 1, 2010.

 “Option 2 2015 EMS Renewal Application”

Please be aware that all new EMS personnel licensed in Oklahoma after April 1, 2010 must maintain their National Registry Certification (O.A.C. 310:641-5-13 (a). The fee amounts and return mailing address are located at the bottom of the second page of the application.

Licensed EMT’s who are placed on Tax Hold by the Oklahoma State Tax Commission must be released by the Tax Commission on or before June 30, 2013.  The State EMS office cannot issue any license for renewal after 90 days of the expiration date.

Licensed EMT’s who are instructors should submit their instructor renewal with their EMT renewal. The form for instructor renewal is located at:
“EMS Instructor Renewal Application”

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