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P-Card Program

The Oklahoma State Department of Health Purchase Card (P-Card) Program is a effective tool established to save the agency time and money in the acquisition of goods and services.  This tool can be advantageous to the cardholder, the OSDH program area, and the merchants.

The P-Card program is not intended to bypass the appropriate procurement procedures, but rather to complement the existing acquisition process.  

As with all procurement, it is a mandatory requirement to first obtain goods and services that are available through the mandatory State Use Procurement Schedule and the mandatory statewide contracts issued by Central Purchasing.  In addition, it is also a prerequisite to quote with non-mandatory statewide contract vendors and with Oklahoma Correctional Industries as appropriate.

The P-Card is listed in the name of the individual cardholder and property of the State of Oklahoma.  The card is a corporate purchasing card and will not affect a cardholders’ personal financial credit status.  The P-Card must only be used for official state-related business.  Cardholders and their Approving Officials are responsible for transactions that are made using their P-Cards.

The P-Card is utilized for the procurement of goods and services not to exceed the individual cardholder’s single transaction limit. Cardholders designated as agency travel coordinators utilize the P-card primarily for the purchase of airfare and lodging. The cardholder single transaction limit is normally set at $5,000.00, but may be established at a lesser amount. Some cardholders, normally those working in Procurement Services, will have a single transaction limit set at more than $5,000.00 for the purchase of goods and services from statewide contracts, which may be made by P-Card at any amount.

The P-Card Unit of Procurement Services, in addition to managing the agency P-Card program, makes small dollar and statewide contract acquisitions by P-card for program areas that do not have a cardholder on staff. This service extends the benefits of the P-Card acquisition process (reduced acquisition times and administrative costs) to the entire agency.

Acquisitions by P-Card are made based on purchase requests routed, approved, and funded through the bank’s online P-Card management system, called Works.



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