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Tax Exempt Status

As a state entity, OSDH is exempt from the State of Oklahoma Sales tax.  This applies to all purchases made within the state.  When an item is purchased from a location in a different state but it is delivered and received within Oklahoma, OSDH is exempt from sales taxes.  If, however, the item or service is purchased and received in another state, the purchase is subject to the sales tax of that state and will have to be paid.

While out of state purchases are not tax-exempt, some states may not charge their sales tax depending on reciprocal statues.  This occurs when two states agree not to charge each other sales taxes.  For out of state purchases (common for out of state hotel stays), the cardholder will need to verify with the hotel if the tax-exempt status will be honored.

If the cardholder discovers that sales tax was charged on an exempt, in-state purchase, the vendor must be contacted to request a refund of the charge.  If unable to obtain a refund, the cardholder must document the attempt to do so.

Refunds of sales tax, like any credit to a P-Card account, require a refund statement that must be signed, dated, and annotated “received” by the cardholder and submitted with the cardholder statement for the month in which the credit to the account occurs.

(OSF Procedure Manual, July 2001, Chapter 300)

Oklahoma State Sales Tax Exemption Letter (.pdf)


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