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Submitting a P-Card Request

All purchases made by P-Card will be routed, approved, and funded using purchase requests in the online bank system (Works).

Requestors are individuals who have been provided with a login to the online bank system for the purchase of creating and routing purchase requests. The requester is responsible for completing the online purchase request form, selecting an appropriate cardholder and routing group for the request, and providing the necessary supporting documentation in the P-Card program shared folder (PCardRequests).

Approvers are individuals who have been granted the authority to approve purchases within the various routing groups. All approvers also have the ability to initiate purchase requests.

To obtain access to the online purchase request system, individuals must attend training provided by Procurement Services.  Contact the P/Card Administrator to register for training.

All training will be held at the Francis Tuttle Rockwell campus (12777 N. Rockwell Ave., Oklahoma City, OK  73142)

Use the Corporate Training Building entrance (west end of campus), Room 1880

January 9, 2012 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
April 16, 2012 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Purchase Request Process

Mandatory Vendor Preferences:

  1. Office Supply Portal
  2. State Use Vendors (see “State Use Procurement Schedule” located in Procurement>P/Card>General P/Card References)
  3. Mandatory Statewide Contracts - Go to http://www.dcs.state.ok.us/SW_Contracts.nsf on the Department of Central Services website to verify Statewide Contract Information.  You should print or save electronically the current contract/addendum to verify your goods/services requested are currently on the statewide contract.
  4. Non-Mandatory Statewide Contracts) or Oklahoma Correctional Industries (OCI) (if lowest and best).
  5. Open Market Vendors (price paid must be fair and reasonable)

Total transaction amount will not exceed $5,000.00 for non-statewide contract purchase.

Ensure acquisition will not be split purchasing.  (See Definition Below)

Review Purchasing Card Program User Guide > Restricted Purchases for required documentation for specific p-card requests. Complete a P-Card Equipment Sheet for any tangible assets with a unit price of $2,500 or more ($500 or more for information technology products).

Initiate online purchase request in Works and post required documentation in the shared folder, using the request number as the beginning of the file name (Ex. REQ0000XXXX). Be sure to select the correct routing group when creating the request:

  • STD: Used for the acquisition of goods not requiring special approval (See Restricted Purchases in the Purchasing Card Program user Guide).
  • EXC: Used for the acquisition of goods or services requiring the prior approval of the P/Card Administrator (See Restricted Purchases).
  • IT: Used for the acquisition of information technology products not requiring the prior approval of the P/Card Administrator.
  • TVL: Used for the acquisition of airfare and lodging for OSDH employees only.
  • TVL EXC: Used for the acquisition of airfare, lodging, and registration fees for OSDH employees or non-employees performing substantial and necessary services.

Split Purchasing

In reference to P-Cards, split purchasing is defined as dividing the known quantity or failing to consolidate a known quantity of goods or services with the intent of and for the purpose of evading the p-card statutory single transaction limit of $5,000 and/or limit(s) established for an individual p-card and/or a competitive bidding requirement.  Examples of split purchasing include the following:

  • Swiping a P-Card more than once during a single purchase in order to avoid the single transaction limit.
  • Multiple purchasing events for goods or services relating to a known single project in order to avoid cardholder-established dollar limits.
  • Splitting a transaction in an attempt to avoid the competitive bid process.

Pursuant to Title 74 O.S. § 85.7 of the Central Purchasing Act, making an acquisition by split purchasing is a felony.


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