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Cardholder Reference

Statewide Contracts

Please use the link below in order to view the mandatory and non-mandatory statewide contracts and the goods and/or services available:


Remember that the OneNet contracts and State Use Fair Market Established (FME) goods/services are not available through this page.

OneNet contracts: http://www.ok.gov/DCS/Central_Purchasing/One-Net_Contracts.html

State Use Program: http://www.ok.gov/DCS/Central_Purchasing/State_Use_Program/index.html


Cardholders should first attempt to resolve any disputes directly with the vendor. In the event the cardholder is unable to resolve the issue, dispute notification must be made to Bank of America within 30 days of the original transaction post date. Contact the OSDH P/Card Administrator regarding any disputes.

Lost P-Cards

Immediately upon realizing your P-Card has been lost or stolen, contact Bank of America customer service. Record the name of the representative, date, and time of your conversation. Complete the P/Card Lost or Stolen Card Notification Form and forward to the OSDH P-Card Administrator.


Misuse of Card

Misuse include, but is not limited to:

  • Negligence in the performance of Cardholder and Approving Official duties.
  • Purchase of any goods or services for personal use and not for official State use.
  • Transactions exceeding the cardholder’s single transaction limit.
    Splitting transactions to avoid the $5,000 per vendor per fiscal year or per project limitations OR the established cardholder single transaction limit.
  • Purchases not supported by acceptable documentation. (i.e. receipts, receiving documents, required approvals, etc.)

Personal purchases are defined as purchasing transactions for goods and/or services not intended for the use and/or ownership by the State.

Consequences of Card Misuse

Depending on the severity of misuse, any of the following steps may be taken by the Chief of Procurement and the OSDH P-Card Administrator:

  • Verbal notification of infraction.
  • Cardholder shall be required to immediately reimburse OSDH for the costs of any prohibited and/or unauthorized purchases.
  • Temporary or permanent revocation of the privilege to use the purchasing card.
  • Investigation of prohibited purchasing activity, which could result in disciplinary action, termination or employment and/or criminal charges being filed with the appropriate authorities.
  • In the event that a Cardholder carries out willful and/or neglectful default of the State Statutes, DCS Rules, and the OSDH Internal Purchasing Rules, the Oklahoma State Department of Health shall take any recovery action deemed appropriate, as permitted by law.

Cardholder Reconciliation

  1. Obtain cardholder statement.  The P-Card Unit will send out the statement after the close of the business cycle or you can print your own copy in Works.
  2. For each transaction listed, verify that the charges listed on the statement match the correct amount listed on the receipt. If there are any discrepancies, the cardholder is responsible for following up and resolving these issues. Document any discrepancies and corrective actions attempted. Verify that all the required documentation for each purchase is present to be submitted with the cardholder statement.  
  3. Attach required supporting documentation for each transaction. At minimum, this will be a receipt and a receiving document for each transaction (including credits). In some circumstances, there may not be a separate receiving document. In these cases, the cardholder will sign and date the receipt, which will then also serve as the receiving document. In cases where the cardholder did not physically receive the goods or services and a separate receiving document was not provided, the receiving employee should also sign and date the receipt or provide an email or other signed and dated verification the goods and/or services were received. Depending on the nature of the purchase, additional documentation may be required.
  4. After verifying all purchases and attaching the necessary supporting documentation, sign and date the cardholder statement. By signing and dating the cardholder statement, the cardholder is attesting all charges are correct, appropriate, and properly documented.
  5. Give cardholder statement and documentation to approving official.  They must review the documentation and sign and date the cardholder statement. By signing and dating the cardholder statement, the approving official is attesting all charges are correct, appropriate, and properly documented.
  6. Submit the cardholder statement and all supporting documentation to the P-Card unit within 10 business days of the close of the business cycle.
  7. Prior to submitting the statement and documentation to the P-Card unit, make copies of all these documents for your own file.


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