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Becoming a Cardholder

Who Should Have a Purchasing Card

Purchasing cards (P-Cards) can be issued to individual OSDH employees who are directly involved in the purchasing of goods and services for their program areas.  These are employees who normally generate requisitions as part of their daily work assignments.

When considering an assignment of a new P-Card to an OSDH employee, the following factors are considered:

  1. The purchasing needs of the program area.
  2. The job functions of the individual employee.
  3. The individual’s demonstrated experience and knowledge of the procurement process.

Final consent for employees seeking approval to receive an OSDH P-Card rests with the Chief of Procurement Service and the Deputy Commissioner of the prospective employee’s program area.  

Types of P-Cards

Although the statute restricting a P/card to use for standard, statewide contract, or travel transactions no longer exists, by practice cardholders are generally issued a card for a specific purpose. Most cardholders are issued a card that may be used for standard (open market) and statewide contract purchases with a maximum single transaction limit of $5,000.00. Individuals designated as agency travel coordinators may be issued a card that may also be used for the purchase of airfare and lodging. The travel coordinator and his/her deputy area may choose to use the P/card exclusively for the purchase of allowable travel-related expenses (airfare, lodging, and registration fees). Some individuals may be issued cards with a higher single transaction limit for the purpose of making acquisitions from statewide contracts. Individuals with a single transaction limit higher than $5,000.00 are responsible for ensuring purchases made from statewide contracts at the higher amounts are valid statewide contract purchases. Generally, the only cardholders with purchasing authority at this level will be cardholders working in Procurement Services.  The actual single-purchase and total monthly purchase limits are set by the P-Card Administrator based on the needs and requirements of each service area.   

Approving Officials

The P-Card applicant must have an approving official (normally their supervisor) who is in a job position one level higher than his or her own.  It is the responsibility of the approving official to review the p-card documentation for accuracy and completeness and to verify that the transactions were appropriate and conducted in accordance with State Statutes, DCS rules, the OSDH Internal Purchasing Procedures, and solid business practices.

Mandatory Employee Status for P-Card Program Participants

Employees serving as a P-Card holder or an approving official must be full-time or part-time employees of the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Temporary or contract employees cannot serve in either role.

Steps to Become a P-Card Holder or Approving Official

  1. The potential P-Card holder and his or her approving official must send a request by memo or e-mail to the OSDH P-Card Administrator.
  2. The request must be approved by the P-Card Administrator and sent to the Chief of Procurement Service and the Deputy Commissioner of the prospective employee’s program area.  Both individuals are required to approve the cardholder request for participation.
  3. Prior to card issuance, both the P-Card applicant and the approving official must attend a purchasing card training session conducted by the Department of Central Services.
  4. Prior to receiving the P-Card, both the P-Card applicant and his or her approving official must attend an OSDH orientation training session provided by the OSDH P-Card Administrator.  During the session, both individuals will review and sign the purchasing card employee agreement forms and the new cardholder will then be issued their P-Card.
  5. After receiving their P-Card, the new cardholder must sign the back of the p-card for security purposes.

State Purchase Card Training Registration Form

State Purchase Card Employee Agreement Form


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