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Contract Renewals / Peoplesoft Report

The end of fiscal year will be here before we know it and contracts will need to be renewed.  Historically, Central Purchasing has allowed some renewals of contracts that have expired when there are extenuating circumstances while other, less timely requests have required issuance of Settlement Agreements.  Renewing a contract that has been allowed to lapse is a poor contracting practice and should be avoided at all costs.  We understand that there are many reasons for contract renewals to fall through the cracks so to assist in identifying and eliminating late renewals the CORE group has made available a PeopleSoft report to assist.  The report is: OCP_PO_ACTIVITY_BY_DATE

Utilizing the PO activities (red arrow) link located in the Purchase Order screen you can now populate date activated reminders that will be listed when the report linked below is run.  You will need to go into each purchase order, click the PO activities link and then add your note and the date (black arrow) you would like the reminder to be reported.  Multiple dates and notes can be input by clicking the add button (blue arrow) in the note field.    

It is our expectation that you will have your renewal requests to the Central Purchasing office 30 days in advance of expiration. Please direct questions to Steve Hagar at 405-522-3369 and thank you for your assistance.    

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