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Vaccines for Children in Childcare  

Immunization of children in childcare centers and homes is one of the most important ways we can protect our children from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Guide to Immunization Requirements in Oklahoma - 2013-14 School Year (57K.pdf)
Guide to Immunization Requirments in Oklahoma 2014-15 School Year ( k.pdf)

Handy chart to check immunization records from Mexico - Binational Immunization Resource Tool (CDC web site)

Shots for Tots Online a Newsletter for Child Care Providers from the Cleveland County Immunization Coalition (Facebook)

Previous issues of Shots for Tots News

2013 Childhood Immunization Schedule from Birth through 6 Years Old

Learn about the serious diseases vaccines prevent Meet the Immune Platoon. (CDC website) 

Oklahoma Law Requires Children to be Vaccinated to Attend Child Care  
Oklahoma's Child Care Facilities Licensing Act (Title 10, Sections 411-415)  requires that children attending childcare centers or homes be up-to-date for their age with the required vaccines.

Guide to When Vaccines are "Due" and "Past Due" to Attend Child Care in Oklahoma (66k.pdf)

  • If a child gets behind on immunizations they don't have to start over.  
  • The child can continue with the next doses, but the due and past due dates will not be the same as those listed in the chart above.

Order vaccine information pamphlets to give to parents  at no charge.

Learn about Vaccines Currently Required to Attend Childcare in Oklahoma:
    Hepatitis B vaccine (CDC web site)
    Hepatitis A vaccine (CDC web site)
    DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis vaccine) (CDC web site) 
    Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine) (CDC web site)
    Polio vaccine, IPV (inactivated polio vaccine) or OPV (oral polio vaccine) or a combination of both
    MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine) (CDC web site)
    Varicella (CDC web site) (chickenpox) vaccine 
    PCV (CDC web site) (pneumococcal conjugate vaccine) Children may have received PCV7 or PCV13.  Both of these vaccines are acceptable or any combination of these vaccines.

Vaccine Recommended for All Children, but Not Required to Attend Childcare in Oklahoma
    RV (CDC web site) (rotavirus vaccine)

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Need Vaccine Information?  View the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) new vaccine web site designed just for for parents: For Parents: Vaccines for Your Children (CDC web site)


  • Oklahoma's Child Care Facilities Licensing Act allows for exemptions to the vaccine requirements for religious, personal and medical reasons.
  • Parents should obtain an exemption form from the child care facility they want their child to attend and return the completed form to the child care facility.
  • Child care facilities should keep a small supply of exemption forms for parents who request the form. Call the Immunization Service at 1-800-234-6196 to order a supply of exemption forms.

Resources for Child Care Providers and Parents

National Infant Immunization Week Coloring sheets

Order Vaccine Information Pamphlets to Give to Parents

The following pamphlets for parents are available from the Immunization Service:

  • Parent's Guide to Chidlhood Immunizations
  • Basic Immunizations Are Due By...
  • Vaccines: What, Why, & When
  • Silence the Sounds of Pertussis
  • What if you don't immunize your child?

Call 1-800-234-6196 or send an e-mail to immunize@health.ok.gov to place an order.  Be sure to include the quantity you need, your mailing address, and your telephone number in the e-mail.

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