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 Oklahoma State Immunization Information System - OSIIS

This section provides information on the Oklahoma State Immunization Information System (OSIIS), which is a statewide immunization registry operated by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, designed to collect and maintain accurate, complete, and current immunization records for Oklahomans of all ages.  OSIIS began operations in 1994 and some clinics do not participate in OSIIS, therefore OSIIS does not contain the immunization records of all Oklahomans.

Immunization Message Submissions for Meaningful Use

Log-In to OSIIS

Important Notices for Current OSIIS Users

If you are having problems accessing or logging on to OSIIS the problem may be due to one or more of the following:

  • Pop-up blockers,
  • Internet browser is not compatible with OSIIS (for example, OSIIS is not compatible with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer version 10 or higher),
  • User has not logged on within the past 90 days, or
  • New user has not been added to OSIIS list.

To correct these problems: 

  • For problems with pop-up blockers refer to page 3 in the OSIIS Manual.
  • For browser problems, change your browser compatibility mode to a browser compatible with OSIIS.  OSIIS is compatible with Internet Explorer versions 5.5 to 10.  
  • To add a new user or re-set a password for a user who has not logged on in over 90 days refer to page 37 in the OSIIS Manual.  

If you have questions or need help, call the OSIIS Helpdesk at (405) 271-7200.

If you are still not able to log-on to OSIIS after checking for the problems listed above, complete this form OSIIS Facility Authorization Request Form (41k.pdf) and fax or mail it to the Immunization Service. The Immunization Service fax number is: (405) 271-6133.  Your site will be reactivated within 2 to 3 business days following receipt of the form.
The mailing address is: 
    Immunization Service
    Okla. State Dept. of Health
    1000 N.E. 10th St.
    Okla. City, OK 73117

How to Become an OSIIS User

  • To access OSIIS you will need a computer with Internet access and Internet Explorer Versions 5.5 to 10.
  • To request access to OSIIS complete the following form and mail it to the Immunization Service at the address above:
  • If you have any questions, contact the OSIIS staff at (405) 271-7200.

If you also are enrolling in the Oklahoma Vaccines For Children (VFC) Program, STOP, and go to the VFC page and follow the instructions to enroll in the VFC Program and obtain OSIIS access all in one step. 

Important Reminder for OSIIS Account Administrators - Inactivate Former Employees

OSIIS account administrators are urged to periodically review the OSIIS user list for their clinic and inactivate employees who are no longer employed at the clinic or facility.  The user list is located at the bottom of all OSIIS pages when you are logged in as OSIIS Site/Account Administrator.  

Follow these steps to inactivate employees:

  1. Click on the Users List tab at the bottom of the page to pull up a list of your employees who have OSIIS access.
  2. Review the list for names of individuals no longer employed at your facility.  You might want to print this list to use in step 3 if it is a lengthy list or you can simply write down the names of former employees who are still on the Users List
  3. Click on the Manage Users tab at the bottom of the page.  
  4. Select Update Users.
  5. Using the down arrow key, locate a former employee, highlight their name and click on Submit.
  6. When the employee’s information appears on your screen, use the down arrow key to change the Status to Inactive.
  7. Click on the Update button to complete the procedure..

If former employees are not inactivated, they can still gain access to OSIIS through any Internet connection.   
Allowing former employees to retain access to OSIIS is a violation of HIPAA regulations as the former employee no longer has a valid need to access OSIIS records.

If you have any questions please call the Immunization Service at (405) 271-7200.

OSIIS Reference Materials

Explanation of Abbreviations Used for Site & Route for OSIIS Data Entry (30k.pdf)

How OSIIS Works

  • Doctors and clinics record immunizations they have given in OSIIS.
  • All of the immunizations given to an individual are entered into that person's record.
  • When an individual visits a different clinic, that clinic can view the immunizations given previously.
  • OSIIS provides official immunization records for school and childcare entry, camp entry requirements, and any other program that requires an immunization record.
  • Clinics, schools, and childcare facilities can check OSIIS to determine what vaccines an individual has received.
  • Keep in mind that if an individual received immunizations from a clinic that does not use OSIIS, those immunizations will not be recorded in OSIIS.

Benefits of OSIIS

  • Provides a system that can maintain immunization records from many different clinics and doctor’s offices.
  • Generates reminder postcards which are sent to parents when their children are "Due" or "Past Due" for immunizations.
  • Saves parents time going to the doctor’s office or clinic to obtain a copy of their children’s immunization records because many schools can check immunization records online.
  • Helps prevent children, adolescents, and adults from receiving vaccines they have already received.
  • Provides schools and childcare facilities quick easy access to immunization records, even if the child received vaccines at more than one clinic.



Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can a clinic participate in OSIIS?
A: Clinics can obtain access to OSIIS by completing the OSIIS Facility Authorization Request Form found in the main section of this page. Then the form must be faxed or mailed to the Immunization Service at (405) 271-6133 or:
Immunization Service
Okla. State Dept. of Health
1000 N.E. 10th St.
Okla. City, 73117

Q: Can schools and childcare centers use OSIIS?
A: Yes, schools and childcare centers can use OSIIS to view children's immunization records. Complete the OSIIS Facility Authorization Request Form found in the main section of this page and fax or mail it to the Immunization Service.

Interesting Facts
Oklahoma was one of the first states to develop a statewide immunization registry. The Oklahoma State Immunization Information System (OSIIS) began operating in 1994.

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