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This section is designed to provide you with reliable information and resources to help you make decisions about vaccines.

As a major unit of the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s Prevention and Preparedness Services the Immunization Service works to stop diseases before they start by promoting vaccination of all Oklahomans by:

When thinking about back-to-school shots don't forget Vaccines for Teens (Immunization Action Coalition Website).  

  • One dose of Tdap vaccine is required for seventh through 10th grade students.  
  • HPV and meningococcal vaccines are strongly recommended. (Immunization Action Coalition Website)

Learn about the life-saving power of vaccines: 

Immunization Service Contact Information:
Telephone: 1-800-234-6196 or
(405) 271-4073
Fax: (405) 271-6133
E-mail: immunize@health.ok.gov
Web Site: http://imm.health.ok.gov




Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I get immunizations for my child?
A: Contact your regular doctor. If you don't have a doctor call your local county health department. Information on how to contact your county health department may be found here.

Q: Why Vaccinate?
A: Vaccinations can save your child’s life; vaccination protects others you care about; and vaccinations can save your family time and money.

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