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Rabies Surveillance Data and Statistics

The purpose of the rabies surveillance data page is to provide summaries of animal rabies information obtained by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) Acute Disease Service and the OSDH Public Health Laboratory.

Rabies 2011 Surveillance Summary (110k.pdf) 


Oklahoma Counties with Laboratory-Confirmed Animal Rabies Cases 2014 (68k.pdf)

Oklahoma Counties with Laboratory Confirmed Animal Rabies Cases 2003-2013 (75k.pdf)


Map of Rabies Cases by County - 2014 (267k.pdf) 

Map of Rabies Cases by County - 2013 (254k.pdf)


Number of Animal Rabies Cases by Month of Diagnosis, 2010-2014 (56k.pdf)

Graph of Animal Rabies in Oklahoma 1980-2013 (64k.pdf)



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