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Comanche County Health DeparmentComanche County Health Department  

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Welcome to the web site of the Comanche County Health Department. We hope that you use the information on this site to promote your personal health, the health of your family and the health of our community. 

 PHAB-SEAL-SM.jpgThe Comanche County Health Department is pleased to be among the first in the nation to receive newly established national public health department accreditation status through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB).  The accreditation process helps to ensure that the programs and services we provide are as responsive as possible to the needs of our community.  With accreditation, the Comanche County Health Department is demonstrating increased accountability and credibility to the public, funders, elected officials and partner organizations with which we work.  To receive accreditation, a health department must undergo a rigorous, multi-faceted, peer-reviewed process to ensure it meets or exceeds a set of quality standards and measures.  For more information please follow this link:  PHAB

Our Vision is “Creating a State of Health”.  Our Mission is “To protect and promote health, to prevent disease and injury, and to cultivate conditions by which Oklahomans can be healthy.”   We do this by monitoring the health of our community, identifying and responding to health threats, providing timely and accurate information, enforcing laws that protect health and providing quality services to prevent and control disease.  

Measles outbreak 2015

Boy about to get an immunizationThe United States is currently experiencing a large, multi-state outbreak of measles linked to an amusement park in California.  Measles is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus. It spreads through the air through coughing and sneezing. Measles starts with a fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes, and sore throat, and is followed by a rash that spreads all over the body. About three out of 10 people who get measles will develop one or more complications including pneumonia, ear infections, or diarrhea. Complications are more common in adults and young children.  From January 1 to April 17, 2015, 162 people from 19 states and the District of Columbia were reported to have measles [AZ (7), CA (103), CO (1), DC (2), DE (1), FL (1), GA (1), IL (15), MI (1), MN (1), NE (2), NJ (1), NY (3), NV (9), OK (1), PA (1), SD (2) TX (1), UT (2), WA (7)]. Most of these cases [117 cases (72%)] are part of a large multi-state outbreak linked to an amusement park in California (http://www.cdc.gov/measles/multi-state-outbreak.html).  The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is currently (March 2015) investigating a confirmed case of measles in Stillwater located in Payne County. This is the first confirmed case in Oklahoma since 1997.  Measles was identified in an international traveler to Oklahoma. The individual is a spouse of an Oklahoma State University student who lives off campus. OSDH is working with the Payne County Health Department, Oklahoma State University and local medical facilities in the investigation. (OSDH Measles Page)


Syphilis Outbreak - 2014

Multi-colored CondomsComanche County Health Department announced in October 2014, that they have identified an outbreak of syphilis in Lawton and the surrounding areas. From 2013 to 2014, there has been a 300 percent increase in reported syphilis cases in Comanche County. Health officials are alarmed because syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) which can have significant health outcomes if undiagnosed and untreated. Officials are also concerned that the outbreak may spread to counties beyond the outbreak area.  

If you are sexually active, using condoms consistently and correctly, from start to finish is one of the only ways to help prevent STDs.  Condoms are the only method that protects sexually active people from both STDs and pregnancy.  For more information see the following links: 

 CCHD Press Release

OSDH Syphilis Information

CDC Syphilis Information


Comanche County Health Assessment

Comanche County Health Department facilitated a County Health Assessment in the Spring of 2010.  This is a five year process so our next County Health Assessment will be in 2015.  Our Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) was updated in 2014.  Many community partners gathered to identify the following Comanche County priority health issues:   

  • Obesity 
  • Tobacco Use
  • Access to Care
  • Sexual Health
  • Violence

For more information on our Community Health Assessment please click on the picture below and go to our CCHD Community link.  To comment or volunteer to assist in health improvement efforts, please contact: Janette New (janette@health.ok.gov) or Dana Webb-Randall (danaw@health.ok.gov). You may also contact them at 580-248-5890.

CHA - Pic.jpg  

Comanche County Health Department services vary as to days, times, eligibility, and fees, if any.  To learn more about our health department please click on the tabs on the left side.  For a copy of our brochure click on the following link:  Comanche County Health Department Brochure (Also in Spanish)

Comanche County Health Department is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


If you need a document in an alternative format to meet your accessibility needs or have any difficulty viewing any content with assistive technology, please contact us at webmaster@health.ok.gov.

Contact Information

Physical Address: 1010 South Sheridan, Lawton, OK 73501
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 87, Lawton, OK 73502
Phone: (580) 248-5890
Toll Free Phone: (800) 788-3628
Fax: (580) 585-6621

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