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Comanche County Health Assessment and Survey 2015

The data collection for the 2015 Comanche County Health Assessment was completed the first part of June, 2015.  We will post the results as soon as they are analyzed.   Should you have any questions regarding this survey, please don’t hesitate to email Aimee Plumb at aimeek@health.ok.gov.  Without input from Comanche County residents, there is no guarantee the health issues most important to our community are being addressed.  Together we can make a difference in our world, Comanche County.

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

In the spring of 2010, Comanche County embarked on the development of its Community Health Improvement Plan or CHIP.  To facilitate an organized, comprehensive approach to creating the plan, organizers followed the nationally recognized “Mobilizing for Action toward Planning and Partnerships” (MAPP) process.  Through this process five areas of improvement were identified:

  • Obesity
  • Tobacco Use and Prevention
  • Violence
  • Sexual Health
  • Poverty and Access to Care

Work groups were formed around each priority area and charged with the development of goals and strategies.  The Comanche County Health Improvement Plan is the culmination of that work, and provides the platform for our next phase; a phase where we plan, implement, and evaluate strategies to reach our objectives. Workgroups meet on the following days: 

Access to Care- 4th Monday of each month at noon- Comanche County Health Department

Fit Kids (Obesity)- last Thursday of each month at noon- Comanche County Memorial Hospital

SWTFOC (Tobacco)- 2nd Thursday of each month at 11:30- Comanche County Memorial Hospital

Sexual Health Workgroup- TBD

Violence- TBD

To learn more about a specific work group, please click on any of the tabs on the left.  Public comments are welcome.  To comment or volunteer to assist in health improvement efforts, please contact: Leslie Beavers - LeslieB@health.ok.gov  or Sarah Lambaria - SarahL@health.ok.gov  or use the following telephone number 580-248-5890.

To support the Community Health Improvement Plan efforts, our health department staff provides the following Child Health and Adult Enhancement Programs.

Child Health

The vision of our child health focused programs is to decrease unintentional illness and injury in children through promising practice and evidence based health education activities, programs, and coalitions.  Currently these community programs include:

  • CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) Kids Club
  • School Health Index
  • Infant Mortality
  • Child Passenger Safety

For current information click on the Child Health Programs tab on the left.

Adult Enhancement Programs

The vision of our adult focused programs is to empower community members to make informed decisions about personal health choices through promising practices and evidence based programs, access to care, and information regarding healthy behaviors.  Currently some of these these community programs include: 

  • Living Longer, Living Stronger
  • Sexual Health
  • Other Community Coalitions

For current information click on the Adult Focused Programs tab on the left.

Certified Healthy Oklahoma Programs

The Certified Healthy Oklahoma Program is a free statewide certification that showcases organizations and communities that are committed to fostering environments that support healthy choices. The Certified Healthy Oklahoma Program began in 2003 as a collaborative initiative with four founding partners – the Oklahoma Turning Point Council, the Oklahoma Academy for State Goals, the Oklahoma State Chamber, and the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

As of 2014, there are seven Certified Healthy Oklahoma Programs:

For Oklahoma information click on the Certified Healthy Oklahoma Programs site.  For current Comanche County Information click on the Certified Healthy tab on the left.

Native American Injury Prevention…. Kiowa, Caddo, and Comanche Counties
The Native American Injury Prevention Coalition (NAIPC) has been working on decreasing unintentional injuries and educating the community since 1996. This is when representatives from the Apache, Caddo, Cheyenne – Arapaho, Delaware, Ft. Sill Apache, Kiowa, and Wichita and Affiliated tribes came together to do more about injury prevention and started the NAIPC. Currently the coalition is made up of the prior mentioned tribal representatives, community partners like health educators and nurses from county health departments, Indian Health Service public health nurses, educators, health officers, public service programs like teen suicide prevention, and many more supportive people.

Throughout the years the goals of the coalition has changed depending on injury statistics and available community educational opportunities. Currently the Native American Injury Prevention Coalition has quarterly goals where a community educational or outreach event is performed. The goals vary from summer safety to infant mortality to elder falls prevention depending on national initiatives and/or local need. If you have questions, suggestions, or are interested in becoming a member of the Native American Injury Prevention Coalition, please contact Melody Redbird Post at mredbird@kiowatribe.org or call 580-654-6208.


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