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MCH Assessment


To support the health of Oklahoma's women, children and families by providing leadership in assessing health issues, services, and behaviors.

Primary Functions

The MCH Assessment unit contributes evaluation and assessment support to the programs and services provided by the Maternal and Child Health Service
Activities of this section include: population based surveillance for assessing risk factors associated with poor health outcomes; program reporting systems to monitor services offered through local health departments and community clinics; and other surveys to assess health systems and health status of specific MCH populations.

What's New:|
TOTS Brief - Reasons for Delaying Immunizations March 2014 (74kb pdf)
Pre-pregnancy Maternal Overweight as a Risk Factor for Child Overweight (246.5k pdf)
TOTS Brief - Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Homes and Vehicles (204k pdf)
First Trimester Prenatal Care and Impact on Household Smoking Rules (670k pdf)
Early Term and Full Term Births in Oklahoma - PRAMS Brief (655.9k pdf)
Birth Control Use at Two Years Postpartum - TOTS Brief (415.7k pdf)
Pre-Pregnancy Binge Drinking and Postpartum Depression (473k pdf)
Family Planning Report 2012 (821.8k pdf)
Car Seat Safety, TOTS Brief 2013 (362.3k pdf)
Duration and Exclusivity of Breatfeeding in Oklahoma, August 2012 PRAMS Brief (159.6k pdf)
Life Stressors Among Mothers of Two-Year-Olds, Spring 2012 TOTS Brief (744.3k pdf)
Gestational Diabetes Among Oklahoma Mothers, Spring 2012 PRAMSGRAM (845.6k pdf)
Bed-Sharing with Infants in Oklahoma, March 2012 PRAMS Brief (609.2k pdf)
Preparing for a Lifetime, It's Everyone's Responsibility Learn what you can do to help ensure the health and safety of Oklahoma's babies.

Contact Information:        
Paul H. Patrick, MPH
Administrative Program Manager, MCH Assessment
Maternal & Child Health Service
Oklahoma State Department of Health

1000 NE 10th St, Room 810

Oklahoma City, OK  73117-1299


Phone:  (405) 271-6761  E-mail: Paul Patrick













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