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Family Support & Prevention Service  Family of Three

Family Support & Prevention Service promotes the health, safety and wellness of Oklahoma's children and families by:

  • providing funding, training, technical assistance and oversight to local organizations/agencies that serve families with young children;
  • providing training to professionals that work in the area of child maltreatment prevention and intervention;
  • providing information and educational materials upon request; and
  • providing infrastructure to family support/child maltreatment prevention efforts.

Staff Information:
Annette Wisk Jacobi, JD
Director, Family Support & Prevention Service

Contact Information: 
1000 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299
Phone: 405-271-7611

Fax: 405-271-1011

Special Announcements
Oklahoma Home Based Parenting Directory By County

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Raising Of America Look for More information Coming Soon This new documentary special explores how conditions faced by children and their families during infancy and the early years can literally alter the developing brain and affect a child’s future success—in school and in life. Many families are struggling to provide the nurturing environment all young children need to thrive. How does the growing squeeze on parents—for time, for money and for resources—impact the future mental and physical wellbeing of their children? What are the consequences for the nation? And how might we do better?

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I report child abuse or neglect?
A: If you suspect the abuse or neglect of a child, call the statewide Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-522-3511 (answered 24 hours a day).

If a child is in danger right now, call 911.

Reporting Hotline Cards Now Available!

Q: How can I get involved in child abuse prevention efforts?
A: To volunteer your time call 405-271-7611.

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