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Acceptable Forms of Identification

   Identifications:    Acceptable form:
  • Primary ID  - one required and cannot be expired

     * US DL may be expired up to 3 yrs.

  • U.S. Issued Driver’s license or Identification card (current or expired less than 3 years ago)
  • U.S. Passport
  • Foreign Issued Passport with Visa (I-94)
  • Government issued Military photo ID
  • Tribal Photo Identification Card containing the bearer’s signature
  • Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (SDA) License or OK Concealed Carry permit
  • Resident Alien Card (Form I-551)
  • Employment Authorization Card (Form I-766
  • Employment Authorization Card (Form I-688A)
  • Temporary Resident Card (Form I-688)
  • Oklahoma Dept of Corrections Consolidated Record Card (CRC)
  • Secondary ID – two required and at least one must show a current address. The certificate will be mailed to the current address demonstrated on the identification.


  • Consular Matricula card
  • Employment photo ID with either Pay stub or W2
  • Bank statement or utility bill with name and current address
  • Social Security card (must be signed) or SSA record earnings statement with current address
  • US Selective Service Card
  • Copy of official police report related to the theft of ID with name and current address
  • For any person under the age of 18, an affidavit signed by the parent or legal guardian
  • School photo identification along with  a report card or other proof of current enrollment
  • Oklahoma lifetime hunting or fishing license
  • Marriage certificate (Certified English Translation, if applicable)
  • Separation or divorce judgment
  • Car registration, title or security verification form issued to the applicant with current address

All identification may be subject to verification with the issuing authority

Questions: Call Central Office VR
                 877-306-3992 (toll-free -- staff only)

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