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Form 1: Application for Retirement Pension
Form 2: Application of Firefighter for Disability Pension
Form 3: Application for Surviving Spouse for Pension
Form 4: Application of Child for Continuation of Pension
Form 5: Authorization for Direct Deposit
Form 6: Request for Federal and State Income Tax Withholding
Form 7: Application for Participation in Oklahoma Firefighters Deferred Option Plan
Form 7a: Application for Participation Under the Back Drop Provision
Form 8: Notice of Termination From Fire Department
Form 9: Minimum Physical Performance Test/Agility
Form 10: Waiver and Release
Form 11: Designation of Recipient for $5,000 Death Benefits
Form 11B: Designation of Recipient for Deferred Benefits (Plan B)
Form 12: Application for Refund of Contribution
Form 13: Employee Entrance Application
Form 14: Instruction to the Physician
Form 15: Change in Personal Information
Form 16A: Change in Address
Form 16B: Authorization for Change in Deductions
Form 16C: Appointment of New Official
Form 18: Vested Benefit Application
Form 19: Application for Death Benefit
Form 19A: Death Benefit Tax Form
Form 19B: Qualified Disclaimer
Form 20: Payment Election Form - Deferred Option Plan - "Plan B"
                *Safe Harbor Special Tax Notice*  
Form 21: Letter of Student Status
Form 22: Waiver of All or a Portion of Monthly Benefits (formerly Waiver of Retirement Benefits)  
Form 23: Health Election Change Form for the Pension Protection Act of 2006  
Form 24: Affidavit Verifying Lawful Presence in the United States  
Form 25: Notice of Leave of Absence for Military Service  


SSA-1945: Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security 

City Increase Form