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421 N.W. 13th, Suite 290
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

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Oklahoma District Attorneys Council
Victims Services Division Functions

Our Mission

Administration of the Crime Victims Compensation Fund - Processing claims received from victims, making administrative decisions on applications currently allowed under law for certain types of claims, and providing support functions for the Victims Compensation Board fall among the general duties in this area.

Administration of the Sexual Assault Examination Fund - Processing claims for sexual assault examinations in the state from hospitals and sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) programs.

Administration of VOCA grants - Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grants are administered and monitored by this division. Administration includes processing of grant applications, monitoring of subrecipients, and support functions for the VOCA grant Board.

Support of Victims Services - The Victims Services Division helps plan statewide training for Victim Witness Coordinators within district attorney offices. The division also maintains close contact with victims’ groups around the state to solicit ideas on how better to serve victims, elicit concerns of victims about the criminal justice system, and advise victims about proposed reforms and changes.

Public Relations - The Victims Services Division is responsible for enhancing public awareness of the Crime Victims Compensation Program. Public service announcements, billboards, pamphlets, and public speaking engagements are part of the public awareness campaign.

Restitution/Subrogation Recovery - The Crime Victims Compensation Board has the legal right to seek judgment against the offender in order to recover funds paid on behalf of a crime victim. The Victims Services Division is responsible for the recovery of restitution owed to the Crime Victims Compensation Board. The staff actively seeks restitution from criminals and tracks the progress of the restitution recovery program.

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Contact Information:
Oklahoma District Attorneys Council
Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Board
421 NW 13th, Suite 290
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Toll-Free 1-800-745-6098
E-mail: victimsservices@dac.state.ok.us

Special Announcements
Frequently Asked Questions Q: How do I file a Victims Compensation Claim?
A: Call 1-800-745-6098 or your local District Attorney's Office.

Q: How Do I Search for a Decision or Payment on a Claim?
A: Click on Victims Comp. Claim & Payment Lookup on left of screen.

Q: How Do I Search for a Payment on a Sexual Assault Exam Claim?
A: Click on Sexual Assault Fund on left of screen.

Interesting Facts
  • 77% of all violent crime results in economic loss.

  • Nationally, medical expenses were 48 percent of all victim compensation payments in 2003.

  • The total estimated cost of crime in the United States is $450 billion annually.

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