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Oklahoma Sexual Assault Examination Fund

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The Sexual Assault Examination Fund is administered through the Picture of a nurseOklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Program. Funds are received through a legislative authorization to transfer from the Victims Compensation Fund. For sexual assaults occurring on or after November 1, 2001, the law allows payment of up to $250 which may be paid directly to the service provider(s) for expenses incurred for the forensic examination (such as an examination fee or a facility fee). Up to $50 may be paid on a one-time basis for medications which are related to the sexual assault and directed and deemed necessary by the examiner.

After a victim has received an examination, the following steps must be taken to fill out the Application for Payment of Sexual Assault Examination.

  • The hospital emergency room should have the victim complete the Victim Verification section.
  • The attending nurse or qualified registered nurse should complete the Examining Physician or SANE Nurse Verification section.
  • The hospital should complete the Medical Facility Information section.
  • Attach an itemized statement for each provider seeling payment to the back of the application.
  • Forward the application and attached itemized statements to the District Attorney of the county where the crime occurred. (Send to the attention of the Victim Witness Coordinator.)
  • The D.A. will then fill out the District Attorney Verification section.
  • The D.A.'s office will then forward the application to the Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Program.

Payment is usually made within 30 days of the receipt of the application by the Compensation Program.

Any charges not directly related to the forensic exam are not compensable. In cases where there is both an examiner fee and a facility fee exceeding $250, we prorate, allowing a percentage to each provider. If the victim/guardian paid the bill out of their own pocket, we will need a Social Security number in order to reimburse them. Service provider's Federal Tax ID numbers are required on all bills. These numbers are necessary in order to issue a payment thorough the Office of State Finance.

For further questions about the Sexual Assault Examination Fund, please contact Tonia Byers at (405) 264-5000 or 800-745-6098.


Application for Payment of Sexual Assault Examination


Sexual Assault Legislation

Contact Information:
Oklahoma District Attorneys Council
Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Board
421 NW 13th, Suite 290
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Toll-Free 1-800-745-6098
E-mail: victimsservices@dac.state.ok.us

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Frequently Asked Questions Q: How Do I File a Victims Compensation Claim?
A: Call 1-800-745-6098 or your local District Attorney's Office.
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