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421 N.W. 13th, Suite 290
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

  • Q.--Who can access my email?
  • A. Only you! Your computer is configured to open your email if your username and password is entered. If someone else goes to your computer and enters their username and password, your email will not open.

  • Q.--Who can access my files?
  • A. If your files are on your computer anyone that logs onto your computer will have access to them. The best places to save your files are on your U: drive or S: drive. The U: drive is your USER drive and only you have access to it, the S: drive is a SHARE drive and everyone in your district has access to most files there.

  • Q.--Can I open my email from another computer?
  • A. Yes! But, you must configure your email to open on that computer.

  • Q.--What do I do if my account is locked?
  • A. Call DAC and one of the techs on duty will unlock your account for you.

  • Q.--Whose login do I use if someone is out of the office and I want to get something off their computer?
  • A. Yours! You don't need to know anyone's password. Login as you and you'll have access to their computer and its files.

  • Q.--How can I contact DAC/MIS to report problems?
  • A. If you have problems logging into the network call (405) 264-5002.
  • A. For all other problems submit a Help Desk Request from the DAC web site.

  • Q.--What is my email address?
  • A. Your email address is your FirstName.LastName@dac.state.ok.us

  • Q.--Can I receive email from outside of the network?
  • A. Yes! Just give them your address.

  • Q.--Will DAC/MIS load WordPerfect on our new computers?
  • A. No! The new computers come with Microsoft Office preinstalled on them which includes Microsoft Word. Document templates for JustWAre are created using Microsoft Word.

  • Q.--Will I have to retype my WordPerfect documents in Word?
  • A. No! Microsoft Word has the capabilities to convert the WordPerfect documents to Word format.
  • Q.--Who do we get our internet from now?
  • A. DAC provides your connection to the internet.

  • Q.--How many people can be on the internet at one time in our office?
  • A. There is no limitation as to how many people can be on the internet.

  • Q.--Can I be logged onto multiple computers at the same time?
  • A. Yes.