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421 N.W. 13th, Suite 290
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Executive Division

The Executive Division of the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council provides a number of programs and services to the District Attorneys of Oklahoma including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Presentation of issues important to the District Attorney system to the Governor, Legislature, and other policy makers;

  2. Coordination of continuing legal education for attorneys within the District Attorneys system, as well as training for District Attorney Investigators, Victim-Witness Coordinators and other support staff;

  3. Liaison between District Attorney Child Support Enforcement offices and the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services;

  4. Liaison to District Attorney offices with multi-jurisdictional task forces; and, 

  5. Legal research services to District Attorney offices.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is the DAC the same as a DA's Office?
A: No. The DAC is the administrative arm of the District Attorneys. It does not prosecute cases.

Q: Does the DAC or DA's Offices give legal advice to private citizens?
A: No. Legal advice should be given by private attorneys.
Interesting Facts
  • Oklahoma has 77 counties and 27 elected District Attorneys.

  • District Attorney Districts range in size from 1 county to 5 counties.