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Photo of Instructors Jared Smith and Paul BohmanGroup picture of people at computers

Picture of  WebAIM Instructors: Jared Smith and Paul Bohman; at OSU-Stillwater computer lab with workshop participants

Web Accessibility Workshop August 7-8, 2003 for State Agencies, State Government, Post Secondary Institutions, Career Tech

Funded by the Disability Law Resource Center Southwest Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center (DBTAC) NIDRR Grant No. H133D010210.

Sponsored by Oklahoma State University Information Technology Division, Oklahoma ABLE Tech at OSU (Oklahoma's Assistive Technology Project), and OSU Student Disability Services.

Location: Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Classroom Building, Room 406

Did you know the State of Oklahoma maintains an assurance that requires Website Accessibility of all programs and services? Find out how to enhance your knowledge and techniques to assure your agency/university website is accessible to meet the needs of everyone.

Presenters: Accessibility Web design experts from WebAIM at Utah State University taught the two-day workshop on creating accessible Web pages. Keeping Web Accessibility in Mind is a federally funded grant program (LAAP) working on accessibility issues.

The Workshop covers:
-Understanding the key ideas for making Web pages accessible
-Adapting existing Web pages to an accessible format
-How people with disabilities interact with the Web and where they have difficulty
-Creating accessible PDF and PowerPoint
-The legal picture with respect to accessibility (ADA, Section 504 and Section 508)
-Accessible Multimedia
-Making accessible Web pages using editors such as FrontPage and DreamWeaver
-How to caption audio or video elements for the Web
-Creating accessible Web pages from the initial development
-Focusing on Web accessibility guidelines for your institution and state

Day One offers the INTRODUCTION and OVERVIEW TO WEB ACCESSIBILITY. Participants will learn how people with disabilities access the Web, the legal implications with respect to accessibility, and the easiest first steps to accessibility. Participants will learn from simulations and hands-on demonstrations. During the second part of this day, participants will hear about accessibility reform efforts and policies in other states, the processes involved, and how it relates to Oklahoma state agencies and post secondary institutions.

Day Two is a more technical and hands-on workshop to benefit web developers of all levels of skill. Design techniques for the following will be taught: HTML, editors such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver, and the most popular uses of Web-based multimedia. Participants will learn how to create accessible PDFs, PowerPoint, and how to caption audio or video elements for the Web. Distance learning and accessibility will also be discussed. Participants attending Day Two should also attend Day One.

Please Note: Day One offers information that will benefit a wide variety of interested participants such as administrators, Web developers, agency personnel, and faculty members. The format of Day One is more flexible to accommodate a larger number of participants.

Day Two of the Web Accessibility workshop offers web design techniques for Web developers (beginning to advanced skill levels). This session will be limited to 50 people, each at their own computer. Please select the Web Developer(s) at your agency to attend Day Two to allow us to accommodate and benefit a variety of interested agency or institution personnel. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the different sessions.