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Registrant Files

(Pharmacists, Technicians, Interns, Pharmacies & Facilities)

Registrant files are available for purchase from the Board.  Each file includes name, address, registration number, issue date, expiration date and end date (if applicable). Pharmacy and Facility files will also include type.  Files will be in alphabetical order in Microsoft Excel format and are provided via e-mail.

If you have questions please call Mary Ann Terral (405) 522-3129 before making your request.

There are no refunds.

To request a file: 

Send a written request to the Board which includes the following:

    1. Is the request for a commercial purpose?
    2. If the request is for a commercial purpose, attach the fee (check or money order) payable to the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy, or go to and select Online Store to pay the fee by credit card or electronic fund transfer (EFT).
    3. State the e-mail address where the file should be sent.


Pharmacies: (retail, hospital, charitable, non-resident, hospital drug room and remote medication order processing) are available for a fee of $75.  We have about 1,879 pharmacies of which about 1,154 are located in Oklahoma.

Facilities: (manufacturers, packagers, wholesalers, medical gas suppliers and medical gas distributors) are available for a fee of $50.  We have about 1,851 facilities of which about 384 are located in Oklahoma.

Pharmacists: are available for a fee of $100.  We have about 5,925 pharmacists, of which about 4,349 live in Oklahoma.

Technicians: are available for a fee of $100.  We have about 5,662 technicians.

Interns: are available for a fee of $100.  We have about 1,011 interns.

Our files change constantly with each licensure or cancellation that occurs.  A fee is required for each copy requested.  If you want to update your information, you must obtain a new copy of the file at the required fee.


2920 N Lincoln Blvd, Suite A Oklahoma City, OK  73105  Telephone (405) 521-3815  Fax (405) 521-3758

Last Modified on 11/06/2013