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Psychological Technicians:

Please refer to the Rules of the Board 575:10-1-7. Hiring of psychological technicians by psychologists. 



            The Psychological Technician is a “technician” for the psychologist rather than a “clinician”.  The difference between the two is with regard to the level of allowed decision making: procedural versus discretional.  Discretional decision making is reserved for the psychologist (i.e., clinician) and non-discretional decision making (i.e., procedural) is appropriate for the psychological technician.  The psychological technician ASSISTS the psychologist and is NOT independent in the provision of services.  Discretional decision making involves independence and is not appropriate for the psychological technician.  (See Psychologists Licensing Act and Rules of the Board for further information.)



            When applications to hire a psychological technician are reviewed by the Board, the activities and services to be provided are carefully studied to ensure they are NOT discretional in nature.  The Board also reviews whether the individual has had training related to those activities and services.


Please review the full document of Psychological Technician Activities and Representation to the Public and the Statutes and Limitations of a Psychological Technician before submitting an application for a Psychological Technician.


Psychological Technician Application

Psychological Technician Application with QMRP exemption