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The Oklahoma Indigent Defense System is funded almost entirely through annual appropriations of monies by the Oklahoma Legislature.   The System is entitled to receive a percentage of costs taxed against a convicted defendant for legal representation, but the amounts collected from criminal defendants by district court clerks and sent to the System is unpredictable and varies from year to year.

The System's annual budget for each fiscal year, beginning July 1 and ending June 30, is proposed by management and approved by the agency governing Board.  Funds are allocated between the agency's Programs.


Oklahoma Indigent Defense System Budget

Program FY 2011 Budget FY 2012 Budget
Appellate Services $4,263,816 $4,360,810
General Operations $765,875 $684,888
Trial Services $4,692,509 $4,577,543
Non-Capital Contracts $5,461,473 $5.515,700
Regional Offices $2,969,742 $2,937,398
Forensic Testing $686,301 $713,008
TOTAL $18,830,716 $18,789,347


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This page last updated 12/9/2011 .